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The Flower Studio opened in March 2009 in Tynwald Mills and since then we hope we have brought many smiles to people all over the Isle of Man with our designs. This blog has been set up to share some of our thoughts, designs and ideas with you all :-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday Morning...

Yep, Monday again.... the sun is trying to get through the clouds and brighten the dreary day.

A coach has just pulled up at Tynwald Mills full of eager tourists who are always full of compliments about our shop and always want to buy things, but I'm guessing the logistics of getting them back to wherever in the UK they have travelled from are not practical.  Its always nice to think that our shop has made them smile though :-)

Talking of smiles... an orchid that arrived in to The Flower Studio on Saturday has been getting lots of compliments....

... the gorgeous Vanda orchid in a huge champagne glass vase.  Even its beautiful cousin the Phalaenopsis is struggling to catch peaoples eye with its spectacular cerise ink splattered markings!

Anyway... I have orders to make up for delivery today and paperwork to file (burn?).  Have a great week everyone :-)

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